Typical Required Gear

Below is a handy gear checklist for consideration of a typical 2-3 overnight excursion during any season but winter.

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In addition to the clothes you plan to wear on the trail please bring:

  • Base layer tops and bottoms (these double as camp clothes) – wool or synth
  • Puffy or outer layer depending on weather
  • Rain layer top and bottom (or poncho)
  • Extra socks – wool or synth
  • 50L+ backpack
  • Sun cream/hat
  • 1L water bottle
  • Spoon/Spork
  • Personal hygiene kit
  • Prescription meds
  • Toilet paper (half a roll, core removed)


  • Insect repellent
  • Ear plugs
  • Head lamp and extra batteries
  • Hot drink cup
  • Camp shoes (Crocs work well)
  • Pillow case or buff
  • Trail snacks (main meals provided)
  • Hobby for camp; journal, paint, read!


Did you know that cotton sucks the heat from your body when wet, while wool maintains its warmth.


Make your journey lighter and plan to wear one set of clothes on the trail, same set each day. And one set of clothes at camp, same set each night.


“We had so much fun!! Maggie was awesome, very accommodating and helpful through the entire process. I can’t recommend this experience enough, if you’re looking for an outdoor snowshoe adventure with your dog!”

Claudia, Buffalo NY
“Such an amazing experience, can’t recommend enough! It’s hard enough to find lodging that allows pets but even harder to find activities to also do that are pet friendly. Maggie was an amazing guide and both myself and my dog had an amazing time!”

Cameron, Boston, MA
“Maggie is terrific. She has a wonderful place to walk, super helpful instruction and is a great conversationalist. I highly recommend spending an afternoon with her as your guide.”

Tiffany, Plymouth, NH

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