Frequently Asked Questions

What if I slow you down?

No one cares, this isn’t a race and there is plenty of time to go slow. Also, that’s what you chose this group for!

What will I learn?

We’ll cover all the key parts to being a responsible backpacker. You’ll pick up first aid skills, bushcraft skills, have a chance to practice bear hangs and use a camp stove. On another level, you’ll learn about yourself and gain a deep respect for your body and its ability to carry you through this landscape. You’ll draw on mental reserves that leave you feeling stronger, wiser and more connected.

Is it hard?

Yes! You’re climbing Vermont’s highest peak, but were doing it at a slow and steady pace and making sure we all get to the top!

Do I need experience?

Sort of, let’s be honest, it’s a hike up a mountain, but if you’re already a day hiker and you’re wanting to take the next step to multi days or thru hikes, this is a great one for you.

What’s included in the cost?

All meals listed in the itinerary, 2nights/3days, any shelter fees, transfers to and from the trailhead. We’ve got your essential gear covered too.

What’s not included?

Transportation from your hometown to basecamp; insurance of any kind; alcoholic beverages; guide gratuities and items of a personal nature.

What gear do I need?

You’ll need the basics:

  • a backpack if you’ve got one
  • the right footwear and clothes

But we’ve got the pricey stuff!

  • Shelter
  • Group Stoves and Water filters
  • Sleeping Pad & Bag
  • First Aid Kit

Is food provided?

I support the small hiker industry specialists whose businesses are born from experience. The food we use is ethically sourced and nutritionally excellent, it is chosen for its calorie density:weight as well as its taste! If you have dietary needs, these can most often be accommodated. Let’s talk with plenty of notice.

Sample Day Menu:
Oatmeal and Coffee
Trail Mix
Tuna Salad and Triscuits
Cuban Rice Bowl
Chocolate Hot drink

What else should I know?

This is a body positive expedition, we go as slow as we need to, joyfully. Remember you are carrying everything on your back so yes, bring a luxury, but consider how it will impact your load. We pee and poo in the woods or privys. We will be smelly and dirty at the end.

What forms to I need to submit?

Fill out both of the forms below to accompany your registration.



Maggie Twitchell

I’m Maggie, a long time Vermonter and Women’s Adventure Guide.

I had a unique chance to change my career at 50. The pandemic hit, I’d been laid off.

I’d taught canoeing and sailing at Summer Camp, I’d grown up in the area and always dreamed of hiking the Long Trail, so instead of sitting around gloomy, I hiked. A hike became an overnight, an overnight became a multi night, and that became the 273 mile solo thru hike that had been on my bucket list so long ago. All in the year I turned 50.

I was hooked and decided to dedicate my 2nd career to inspiring other women. I gained my Wilderness First Responder certificate and steered my days into guiding women, showing them the beauty of the mountains and trails in Vermont and perhaps making backpackers out of them one day.

It starts with just one trip, come enjoy the view with me!


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