This has got to be one of the items I use more often than not. And I found a great one that I love (I realize as I share all this info, that I sound like I am making bank of these brands. Nope, it’s just the research I did when I prepped for my thru hike and I continue to do as a Gear Head.

My Petzl headlamp and its clever case is dreamy and useful. It’s dreamy because its lumens are high (it shines bright at night) It’s got a good flood (it gives you a nice big puddle of light) and it’s got the red lamp too so you don’t blind your shelter mates at night.

It’s also rechargeable, the core part of it, and it fits the same port as my Anker battery and my phone and my little airpump.

And the case, well, it doubles as a lantern in that when the lamp is in it, the case diffuses the light beautifully while its tucked away mini bungee allows you to hang it in most places. I’ve played plenty of cards in shelters under this little pal.

Oh, and it’s in your essentials because you never know when you’re going to end up on the trail later than you imagined. Have extra batteries too.