Backpacking for Slowpokes: Guided Hiking Tours for Women

Whether you just love to pee in the woods or you’ve been dreaming of stringing those day hikes into something longer with a bit of skills training. Whether you need to get away from the city and submerge yourself in Vermont’s backcountry or simply want a badass, super different femme weekend, you’ve landed home. All our trips are women-centric and body positive.

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Backpacking for Slowpokes: Guided Hiking Tours for Women

Day Experience – Summer

Maybe you've been hiking but want to stay in one of those shelters you've seen. You’ve heard of Thru Hiking but want to know more. You've seen Wild and think, just maybe, that could be you. Let's start with the basics!

Backpacking for Slowpokes: Guided: You are a Rock Star

Body +

All of our treks are body positive and designed for folx looking for a slower paced expedition. You're likely already a hiker and enjoy getting outdoors, but haven't found your people yet to dive into overnights.

Guideed Overnight Camping trips in Vermont

Summer Overnight Treks

All of our treks are scheduled around the full moon on the weekends as close as possible. Partly for the nice bright sky at night, partly for the chance to meet that spiritual part of us while we were on trail.

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