Winter Day Experiences


Woodland Snowshoe through backcountry Vermont with your dog!


Are you in the area with your dog and would love a unique experience for you all?

Join me and my pups for a woodland snowshoe on private lands. Safe from traffic and neighbors, we’ll spend an hour snowshoeing thru mixed woods of beech and maple, and into pines and meadowland too. There are acres for your hound to burn off energy and treats for everyone at the end.

A steamy pot of mulling cider will be waiting for us when we return, a traditional winter warmer Vermonters grew up on, made with winter spices and local pressed apple cider.

I’m a local and this is the beautiful property I grew up on. It’s rambling woodland is my happy place in winter and summer and sharing it’s peaceful serenity brings me joy. Introducing folks to snowshoeing in a magical and comfortable environment is more accessible and our woodland is a great venue for groups and families to mess about on snowshoes and learn the activity in a fun friendly vibe.

Plus, the dogs love it here!


Gear you’ll need

Here’s what you’ll need typically, if you are joining me on a single day experience. I will reach out directly for any trip or weather specific nuances:


  • Weather appropriate layers – please do not wear cotton, these experiences are cardio and you will get warm. It’s important to be able to vent yourself well and still cover skin if need be. Think multiple thin layers and avoid cotton in any of them. There is a saying “cotton kills”. Cotton, when wet with sweat, draws the heat from your body and dries very slowly. It will make you very cold in the winter.
  • Synthetic base layers or merino wool make for the best base, then layer up with other mid weight sweaters or fleeces before your final wind breaking layer.
  • Gloves, a hat and a face gaiter or scarf for really cold days will mean you can stay warm when things really cool down.
  • You should wear snow boots – if you do not have snow boots, please reach out directly to talk through suitable alternatives. I don’t want you to have to buy things if you don’t need to!
  • Bring an insulated bottle of water and a snack in case you get hungry.


Maggie Twitchell

I’m Maggie, a long time Vermonter and Women’s Adventure Guide.

I had a unique chance to change my career at 50. The pandemic hit, I’d been laid off.

I’d taught canoeing and sailing at Summer Camp, I’d grown up in the area and always dreamed of hiking the Long Trail, so instead of sitting around gloomy, I hiked. A hike became an overnight, an overnight became a multi night, and that became the 273 mile solo thru hike that had been on my bucket list so long ago. All in the year I turned 50.

I was hooked and decided to dedicate my 2nd career to inspiring other women. I gained my Wilderness First Responder certificate and steered my days into guiding women, showing them the beauty of the mountains and trails in Vermont and perhaps making backpackers out of them one day.

It starts with just one trip, come enjoy the view with me!


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